Book Testimonials

Some kind words about my book

“Every time I read it I feel relaxed. There is something about the lilting voice in your writing that soothes. And the way you distill all the STUFF we know about birth and that we yearn to teach mums down into these simple nuggets is just genius.”
~Maddie McMahon
Co-Founder of Developing Doulas and author of Why Mothering Matters

"I was gifted these beautiful mindfulness cards for pregnancy and birth by my lovely friend @gowiththeflowdoula. The cards are absolutely gorgeous and great quality. Very lush!"
~Amity Reed
Former midwife and Author of 'Overdue'

”I love these mindfulness cards. I use them with my doula clients. Last week one of my clients was really excited to show me her new cards and how fab they were. Little did she know I’m a massive fan of them already! A lovely and insightful way to explore emotions and ideas in pregnancy. ”
~ Kati Edwards
Doula and Founder of Birth You In Love

"When I received Paula's cards & book I was blown away by how gorgeous, well made & thoughtful they were. The book is completely on point & such a refreshing change to the usual birth affirmations & such that are available. It is extremely well laid & thought out. The messages are perfectly written & so apt.
I would recommend all birthing people have a set of these cards & as a birth keeper they will be invaluable to my work with clients & think anyone working in birth should have a set.
Honestly they are just lovely & I am so impressed them, I especially like the notes pages at the back to jot down anything that pops up from using the cards!
Well done Paula they are amazing"
~ Carly J Lokrheim
Doula and Birth Activist, Co-Founder of When Push Comes to Shove

"In a world where rational thinking is glorified, Paula's lovely cards provide a wonderful way to drop into one's unique wisdom and explore pregnancy and birth topics in a fluid and intuitive manner."
~ Sophie Messager
Doula and Author of Why Postnatal Recovery Matters

"The cards/book combo is a lovely little package that nudges people towards introspection and to find out what their needs are, even if they hadn’t even noticed that some needs have not been met"
~ Deborah Neiger
Independent Midwife

"Thank you so much Paula for sending me these beautiful Go With The Flow cards, little mindfulness prompts for pregnancy and birth, they are really lovely. Highly recommended addition to anyone's doula bag or antenatal class kit."
~Milli Hill
Founder of The Positive Birth Movement and author of The Positive Birth Book

” I have been using my mindfulness cards alongside Paula’s holistic birth classes in preparation for the recent birth of my daughter. Both the classes and cards have been perfect in helping me to focus on the birth when I was easily distracted by my busy life, leaving me feeling calm and in control. This led to the most amazing and empowering homebirth of my daughter 2 weeks ago. I will definitely continue to use the cards as I journey into becoming a mother of two ”
~ Anna
Doula Client

Proofreader comments during its conception....

“I love these cards and the little accompanying book, they are so beautifully written and exquisitely laid out. A lovely way to explore birth in advance for either personal use or as an antenatal tool for birth workers, and works really well for reflection too. Wholeheartedly recommended! ”

“Your cards and book are even more stunning in reality… your words are so comforting and soothing!”

“It’s a truly beautiful thing that you have created and warrants sharing far and wide. I trust you understand the impact the contents have, even on those of us who are past babydom”

“I love, love, love the concept of this and Paula, your words resonate so powerfully and poetically. There are moments of genius in this.”

“This is so beautiful! I love it! The content is just bloody awesome”

“Wow Paula, it’s absolutely fantastic! Such comforting advice! I would 100% recommend this to any ladies I teach and I’d use it myself. Should be so proud!”

“I absolutely love it…. reminds you to have a look and take some time out to just be, and to really take some time thinking about each card.”

“Love the look… Love the colour… Definitely useful to pregnant women. I can see myself flicking through often. I would recommend it. Fantastic job!”

“Seriously this is fab!”