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Welcome to Go With The Flow Birth School

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Hello and welcome to the home of the Go With The Flow Birth School and Go With The Flow Mindfulness Resources for Parents.

Drawing on the Go With The Flow themes I have been using for several years as a doula and birth educator, my first offering has been designed for use on your journey through pregnancy and birth. Using the cards and booklet, or app, you will find yourself making choices that help you feel powerful and strong as you approach your baby's birth.

I hope these will be the first of many resources to support you to grow in confidence and awareness as you transition through the different stages of motherhood.

They have been crafted with love, drawing on my own insights as a mother of five, doula, and birth advocate, with a little collaborative help from other doulas during the ‘tweaking and testing’ phase. I hope you love it as much as they do!

With love

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Buy the cards now

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Shuffle the cards in your hands and ask yourself "What do I need to focus on in my birth preparations right now". You pick a card, trusting the answer will be exactly what you need to reflect on in this moment.

The guidebook will help you to examine more closely and look for your own answers. Using these cards will help you to find your own flow as you blossom and bloom.

The cards also look stunning as part of your birthspace if you want a beautiful visual reminder to let go and trust in your unique journey.


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Available from November to US customers via our partner The RN Doula Etc.

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Get the App

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The Mindfulness for Pregnancy and Birth app is an electronic pathway to self-discovery for pregnant mamas. By clicking on the mandala, you will be given a card which encourages you to look more closely at some aspect of your preparations so you can become more empowered in that area.

The app can be enjoyed on the go and comes in a variety of colours which you can access in the settings.

If you love the cards and guidebook, why not get the guide as a companion too?